Hey there! Here is what’s sitting sexy at the top of my playlist! My playlist is called “Cake & Piñatas” and I keep it up at Spotify @joeycradio in case you ever wanna check out the whole list. I’m feeling a little mellow moody and also feeling hella Selena-ish again so there’s a lot of that going on. Check out this month’s picks for you to add to your playlist. They are at the top of mine! Enjoy!


Marco Valery, Sharlene Hector & Dj Fopp - Free Love

Free Love was playing at Epic Bar & Nightclub and I remember walking up to the Dj booth to ask what he was playing. He said “deep house” and I knew it was gonna be litty kitty. Deep House is my fav and I appreciate a good moral message.


Aretha Franklin - Groovin’

Groovin’ plays in scene in the movie ‘Home Again’ starring Reese Witherspoon. She is in her 40’s, divorced with kids and gets swept away by a 27 year old young man and Aretha’s vibe is perfect for a sweet scene between the two. I’m a sucker for romance. Insert eye roll.


RuPaul - Feel Like A Woman

This is off of the album Butch Queen and reminds of my friend Matt. His nickname is Skwinkles and Skwinks was feeling his fish-fantasy on our way downtown one night. Ru is usually pretty lit tho too.


Selena - Como La Flor

An ex ruined Selena for me so it took me forever to learn to love her again. Selena was the first pop star I ever idolized and lately my obsession has been 100. I hosted a Selena viewing party at my house last night and tomorrow I’m going to screen The Last Concert. Plus, Demi Lovato and Kim K dressed up as Selena for Halloween so she’s been unavoidable. A queen! A legend, we stan.


Pedro Infante - Que Suerte La Mia

Reminds me of my dad. :)


Kelly Clarkson - Just For Now

I am that annoying person that starts the Christmas music on November 1st. Considering how corny and annoyingly happy I am, Wrapped in Red by kelly Clarkson has a few songs on it with melancholy undertones and Just For Now just sounds like the season for me; not necessarily the gifts and laughter but the moment alone after getting all of your shopping done and just giving thanks. You know, where you get to sit in your gratitude for the year. :)

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