There's no gift giving occasion more terrifying to men than Valentine's Day.  They have to send flowers to their wife's workplace, or face her at home after a day of her being the only one at the office who didn't get flowers.  Then he has to get her chocolate, but not drugstore chocolate, Godiva chocolate!  A bottle of perfume, a little sumpin' from Victoria's Secret, and next thing you know, he's ordering a glass of water and a bread basket at the high-priced Valentine's Day dinner he has to remember to make reservations for.  Sound familiar, fellas?  How would you like your Tia Titi to give you an alternative to those pricey and typical Valentine's Day gifts?

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Guys, I know how much you hate shopping for presents, so instead of buying stuff that everyone else is buying, take advantage of Valentine's falling on a Friday and give your girl a Valentine's weekend. I know that sounds like a lot of work, but trust me, you can pull this off easily, and it will get you major brownie points.

1. Friday morning - Leave your wife an invitation for lunch on her nightstand. Pick her up at lunch and take her downtown to the Foodville Food Truck Park. She can choose from Crave, The Food Gallery, The Reef Mobile Kitchen, and Sweet Addiction. It's hip and cool, and you won't feel like you're being rushed in a restaurant that is trying to turn your table to squeeze in more Valentine's Day dinner patrons.

2. Friday night - Skip the restaurant craziness for dinner and get a DiGiorno pizza, a really fab bottle of wine or six pack of beer, and Netflix the night away. Go for a romantic chick flick, or a classic steamy movie to get things going!

3. Saturday afternoon - Go to the monthly dessert tasting at Orange Peel bakery. It's the day after Valentine's Day, at 4700 N. Mesa, from noon to 3 p.m.  It's $12 per person.  RSVP soon by calling 351-0810.  Who needs a box of pre-fab chocolate when you can get 3 hours of dessert tasting from one of El Paso's best bakeries?

4. Saturday night - Restaurants are still going to be busy, so go to Albertson's or Sprout's, or your fave grocery store, and pick out a few slices of a bunch of different deli meats and cheeses for your very own custom anti-pasto plate. Grab a small jar of roasted bell peppers, a can of black olives, some really good crackers or a loaf of french bread, some more vino would be keeno, and finish up your grocery store spree with some frozen lovin' from the ice cream aisle.  Hang out at home and catch up on your DVR with your anti-pasto plate.  Break open the ice cream to cool down, if you know what I mean, and I think you do!

5. Sunday morning - Take your lady to one of the lovely Sunday brunches around town. You'll probably need to make reservations, but seeing as you didn't have to at any other time during the weekend, it won't be too tough to get that done!

See?  Nothing typical or commonplace about this list.  Just a whole lot of togetherness and opportunity for some sexy time for you and your girl!  Happy Valentine's Day!