Throwback to that time the freaking Terminator himself randomly showed up in El Paso to tour a boot factory and get some boots made.

And if you were around and on social media that day you knew exactly where to find him because Ah-nold wasn't shy about posting his whereabouts during his short stay. Naturally, the Internet exploded with photos and videos of The Governator making stops around town.

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Terminator pandemonium ensued when out of the blue on March 31, 2016, Arnold Schwarzenegger hit up Instagram and Twitter to say he was touring the Lucchese boot factory on Gateway West.

“I love it,” a clearly excited Ah-nold exclaimed in the video referring to the boot making process.

Terminator Touring Boot Factory

In addition to Lucchese, the action-film star made a stop at Rocketbuster Boots to get fit for a few pairs of custom-made boots there as well, and fueled up at L&J Cafe, which has hosted and fed many celebrities over the years.

"I love El Paso, and I love visiting the boot factories and cowboy boots stores and then the great restaurants here," Schwarzenegger replied to a news reporter when asked how he was digging the 915 as he left 'the Old Place by the Graveyard'.

"I love Mexican food. Yummy, but now I have to do another 500 sit-ups,” he joked before climbing into the SUV that was shuttling him around.

Arnold Fuels Up at L&J Cafe

Getting Boots Made at Rockebuster Boots

Rocketbuster Boots
Rocketbuster Boots
Rocketbuster Boots
Rocketbuster Boots

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