NICK CANNON SUFFERS KIDNEY FAILURE - MARIAH TWEETS 'PLEASE PRAY FOR NICK': NICK CANNON has been rushed to hospital after suffering from kidney failure. MARIAH posted news of Nick's illness early this morning and Tweeted this photo of herself posing beside Nick in his hospital bed in Aspen, Colorado ...

She wrote: 'Please pray for Nick as he's fighting to recover from a mild kidney failure.” She wrote a more detailed description of his medical drama on her official website, which you can read HERE.

KANYE WEST'S EX CONFIRMS RUMOR; KIM KARDASHIAN WAS THE REASON FOR BREAKUP: You might want to consider sitting down for this one ... in an exclusive interview with Star magazine, KANYE WEST'S ex, AMBER ROSE, has confirmed rumors that circulated last year: That KIM KARDASHIAN is a big ol' homewrecker!!!

Rose told the gossip site her relationship with KANYE WEST went south after she found out he was hanging out with Kim on the down low. "Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together," she said. "She's a homewrecker!" But wait, there's more!

Rose added that Kim was definitely dating REGGIE BUSH at the time and that Kim instigated the whole thing by relentlessly sexting Kanye, even after Amber called her out on it!!!

JENNIFER LOPEZ FLIPS OUT AT McDONALDS/BOYFRIEND PLEADS NO CONTEST: JENNIFER LOPEZ rang in the New Year in Miami with her backup dancer/boyfriend and probable future ex-husband, CASPER SMART. JLo never rebounds, she remarries!

The pair, however, had to cut their trip short so he could appear in a courtroom in L.A yesterday to answer charges of illegal drag racing back in april of 2010. A spokesman for the city attorney's office said "Smart entered a plea of ‘no contest’ and was sentenced to 12 months probation and ordered to pay a $500 fine.”

Meanwhile ... The Enquirer reports Lopez exploded at a Mickey D's recently when the employee taking Smart’s order asked him if he wanted to pay separately from his mom. Supposedly, j-lo shouted “I'm his girlfriend, not his mother!", then grabbed his arm and angrily marched out.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER SLIPS WEDDING RING BACK ON!!! ARE HE AND MARIA REUNITING???: All signs seem to point to ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and MARIA SHRIVER staying married. Not long after reports surfaced that Maria's having second thoughts about the divorce, Ahnold was spotted wearing his wedding band, which he hadn't worn in public for months ...

Maria has also been seen with a band on her ring finger, but it's unclear if it's her wedding diamond ...

TMZ, meanwhile, reports Maria plans to call off the divorce because of her deeply held religious views. Adding to the speculation, Us Weekly reports Arnold, Maria and their kids attended church together on Christmas Eve. The source who saw them said “they seemed like one family unit. [Arnold and Maria] appeared to be warm and happy [together].”

Could YOU/WOULD you take your man back after he knocked up the maid and kept it a secret from you for 13 years? Discuss.

UPDATE - McCONAUGHEY'S ULTIMATUM: Now we know why MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY ruined a perfectly good situation and proposed to his girlfriend CAMILA ALVES over Christmas … she slapped him with a ultimatum: “Marry me or no more kids!”  Word is McConaughey has been begging Alves to add to their family, but Camila refused to agree until he popped the question. A so-called friend told the tabs that “Matthew didn't realize how serious she was about a wedding until she made it clear that she was not delivering any more children unless he started delivering on his promises."

RELATIONSHIP REPORT - RYAN GOSLING INTRODUCES EVA MENDES TO HIS MOM: Things must be getting serious between RYAN GOSLING and EVA MENDES because she's already met his mother Donna.

"People" is reporting that the trio spent New Year's Day in New York together. "They all hung out and went to the movies together," a source tells the mag.