HUGH HEFNER DUMPED 5 DAYS BEFORE WEDDING!!!: It appears HUGH HEFNER won't be making an honest woman out of CRYSTAL HARRIS after all.

Just five days before he was to marry for the third time, the 85-year-old tweeted that his 25-year-old fiancee "had a change of heart" and the wedding was off. According to TMZ,(quote) “Crystal and Hefner had a nasty argument last weekend on the phone. When the dust settled, Crystal decided to pull the plug on the wedding, and moved her stuff out." Mansion sources say she was fed up with her "couple hundred dollar" weekly allowance, and wants to focus on launching her music career.

Listen Now: Here's a clip of her new song "Club Queen" released yesterday ...

WAS IT HER CAREER OR A SECRET HALF A MILLION DOLLAR DEAL???: The New York Post has it's own source and theirs is saying the drama had to do with some kind of secret half a million dollar deal Crystal had in place.

According to their source, “Crystal wanted to ditch Hef at the altar. Her plan was to walk up the aisle and say she couldn't go through with it. The wedding was to be taped for a reality special, and her refusal to marry him would be a sensation. She was looking for a tie-in deal of around $500,000 for the exclusive ‘I ditched Hef at the altar’ interview."

"While there was interest," the source adds,"Crystal didn't get an offer anywhere near a half a million.”

By the way ... the cancellation comes at a bad time for Playboy. Their July issue hits newsstands Friday and guess who’s on the cover? Yup, Crystal Harris. And the headline reads “America's Princess: Introducing Mrs. Crystal Hefner"

ARNOLD'S OTHER BABY MAMA BREAKS HER SILENCE!!!: MILDRED "PATTY" BAENA has finally sold her story to the press broken her silence with an interview in the British edition of "Hello!" magazine. And it turns out, it was MARIA who blew the lid off everything. And she was surprisingly understanding about it.

Mildred tells "Hello" she wasn't sure who the boy's father was when he was born, but "as Joseph grew...I started to see the resemblance...(and) it became more apparent as time went on." She says she never discussed it with Arnold, and even if he suspected, he, quote, "never said anything to me."

See it now: Joseph Baena-Schwarzenegger Photo

Then ... "Last summer, I brought Joseph over to the house. Until then, he hadn't been around very much. After that, people in the house started whispering about how much they looked like each other." Maria was among those who noticed the resemblance.

At first, Maria "would ask if I needed to talk to her, and I kept saying no. Finally, she...asked me directly...and I just broke down. I dropped to my knees and I was crying, saying that yes he was and I was so sorry." Mildred tells the tab when Maria's worst fears were confirmed she didn't freak out, or start throwing things, or fire her. Instead, she suppsedly cried with her.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS: COURTENEY COX-ARQUETTE, who somehow tricked the gorgeous DAVID ARQUETTE into marrying someone as homely as her, turns 47 today ...

Today's Celebrity Birthday List

BABY NEWS - IT'S A BOY FOR NATALIE PORTMAN!!!: NATALIE PORTMAN and fiance Benjamin Millepied have welcomed a son into the world. No word on how big or what they've decided to name him.

WANNA GET KIM KARDASHIAN AND KRIS HUMPHRIES A WEDDING GIFT? YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH A $1000 PITCHER: KIM KARDASHIAN and KRIS HUMPHRIES haven’t announced a wedding date, but they have set up a wedding gift registry at a ritzy joint called Gearys of Beverly Hills. Among other things, Kim and Kris would like . . .

--An extra-large Baccarat crystal vase, $7,850
--24 Hermes American dinner plates, at $225 EACH
--Six Buccellati butter servers, at $520 EACH
--A Baccarat Harmonie pitcher, $925
--Five sets of four L'Objet gold napkin rings with crystal, at $150 EACH

All in all they're asking for about $172,000 worth of stuff.

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "Pot...gets me to stop thinking. Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off. Some people are just better high." --

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE to "Playboy" magazine on the benefits of ,shall we say, his "herbal medicine." So Justin thinks some people are better high. I'm guessing he's never heard of Charlie Sheen?