OSCAR DE LA HOYA IS THE LATEST CELEB CAUGHT CHEATING: Over the weekend, TMZ broke the news that OSCAR DE LA HOYA had quietly and voluntarily checked himself into rehab for substance abuse issues. Now sources close to the boxer and his situation are saying the substance is cocaine and the situation is infidelity!!!

As one source put it: “Oscar has had fidelity issues and it seems to correlate with substance abuse and that's (the) matter he's dealing with in rehab.” In other words, Oscar got caught cheating so now he’s going to try the rehab play to save his marriage, like JESSE JAMES before him. This is straight out of the Male playbook. #1 Lie, #2 Deny, #3 Blame, #4 Rehab.

IN DENIAL - JANE SEYMOUR: "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman" is doing some backpedaling today, insisting she was misquoted as saying she knew of two other love children fathered by ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER.

JANE SEYMOUR tells "The Wrap" she wasn't just misquoted, she was "highly and purposely misquoted by the press." Jane had been quoted by CNN as saying, "I heard about two more [out-of-wedlock kids] somebody else knows about." But now Jane says she HEARD there might be other children but that she has no personal knowledge of the situation. Scroll down to find out who leaked the baby mama drama to the media. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!!!

SNAPSHOT: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE hanging out again with OLIVIA WILDE. This time at a “Saturday Night Live” after party over the weekend ...

ROMANCE REPORT: LEONARDO DiCAPRIO may have recently split up with BAR REFAELI, but good news, everyone: his heart will go on!!!Things are supposedly heating up between Leo and "Gossip Girl" BLAKE LIVELY!!!

Leo and Blake were spotted canoodling last week in France. Then, over the weekend, the two were caught going out for ice cream in Italy ...

A source tells "Grazia" magazine, "Blake is exactly Leo's type. He likes leggy blondes with big smiles, and Blake fits the bill perfectly."

BABY NEWS: Former “Friends” star DAVID SCHWIMMER and wife Zoe welcomed their first child earlier this month, a baby girl they named Cleo ...

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS: MARK BALLAS of “Dancing With the Stars” pops the cork on a bottle of birthday bubbly today. (--The entire b-day list can be peeped here.)

Mark is hoping to celebrate more than his birthday tonight. He and Disney star CHELSEA KANE are tied with HINES WARD and KYM JOHNSON at the top of the leader board with 59 out of 60 points after the first round of dances last night. KIRSTIE ALLEY trails with 54 points. All three couples will do one more dance before the mirrored ball winner is crowned tonight. Ballas has won it all twice before.

THE SCHWARZENEGGER LOVE CHILD SCANDAL: It turns out the baby mama drama story was leaked by MARIA SHRIVER’S people. And TMZ is reporting they did it because Maria was so angry with Arnold, she wanted to hold a press conference to out him herself!!!

According to the gossip site’s sources, when Maria found out Arnold was the father of the housekeeper’s son, she was "hysterical" and wanted to hold a news conference. Her peeps, however, talked her out it and instead leaked the details to the L.A. Times, which eventually broke the story.

Meanwhile … The baby mama - Mildred "Patty" Baena - has hired a legal team and they've already fired off a letter to RadarOnline challenging "unflattering reports" about their client. The Associated Press is reporting the law firm has no plans to sue anyone at this time so it's unclear why exactly Baena has retained them.

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