Calling all horror lovers in Texas! If you're like me and are planning on taking a horror-themed road trip through the Lone Star state (trust me, you'll want to do a horror-themed road trip, more on that below!), well you're definitely going to want to stop at this unique merch shop!

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Located in Bedford, in between the Dallas and Fort Worth area, is a horror lover's dream... or nightmare! This is Horror Freak and it is the first all horror-themed store in the DFW area.

Collectibles, films, posters, and just about anything you can think of are sold here. This unique store makes sure that the Halloween season never ends.

If you're looking to add new (and old) movies to your vast horror collection, Horror Freak has got you covered.

If you are feeling a bit nostalgic and looking for any Tales from the Crypt memorabilia, you can definitely find it at Horror Freak!

Aside from collectibles and films, if you're looking for a bit of history- and some autographs- Horror Freak offers these pretty cool autographed movie posters! Like this George A. Romero signed poster of Dawn of the Dead.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a true Texas stop without mentioning The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

It's obvious that Horror Freak has something for every type of horror lover; zombies, paranormal, slashers, and more. You can check out more about Horror Freak, and all they have to offer here.

And if you're looking to enhance your horror trip, just three hours south of Horror Freak's location is The Gas Station in Bastrop, TX. where you can enjoy some delicious barbeque, stay in one of their cabins and complete your Texas Chainsaw Massacre reenactment!

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