Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, announced the Stay At Home Order will be lifted on May 1.  "Now, it's time to set a new course. A course that responsibly opens business in Texas. We will open in a way that uses safe standards", the governor on said on KVIA on Monday.

This does not mean we are free to go about our normal course of business, though. While many retail operators will be allowed to open, others will not. Barbershops, gyms and bars are still a no go for the time being. Other establishments will be restricted to twenty five percent of their normal capacity. For example, a restaurant that normally sits 100 people, will no only be allowed to hold 25 at a time.

This announcement comes days after a "Open Texas" rally  in downtown El Paso. What do you think? Are you glad the stay at home will be lifted or is it too early? Please post your thoughts below.

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