If you really want to work the hardest you've ever imagined you could ever work, open a restaurant. It's not like A Hallmark Christmas movie where the owner sails in at noon and there are are lines of people waiting to buy their delicious soups and baked goods. Owning a restaurant is hoping every day that enough people go into your establishment to eat so that you can at least cover your overhead and make a little profit. One downtown business said if they don't start seeing an uptick in business, it will be lights out for them.

Most of us think that every restaurant has a lunch rush, but what happens when that lunch rush doesn't happen? And what happens when it doesn't happen day after day, week after week? The folks at Drac's Cheesesteaks took to Facebook to show what a quiet lunch hour looks like, and they got real about what it means to their business.

Mike often says on Mike and Tricia Mornings that all businesses are local because they employ local people. While that is true, with a franchise or a nationally known business, they have the power of those advertising dollars behind them to remind people to go into their business. A truly local business like Drac's is on their own. They might have the best cheesesteaks in town, and I've had them and they do, but without the tv/radio/newspaper push, it's hard to get the word out about the product.

FB/Drac's Cheesesteaks

When you go to other towns, don't you look for a cool place to grab some grub? Of course you do, that's one of the best things about going out of town, you find cool places we don't have in El Paso. Well head down to 203 E Mills and check out a cool local place to eat because we need local places like Drac's.

FB/Drac's Cheesesteaks

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