As if the suffering of most of the state of Texas due to to a massive winter storm that has battered residents since the weekend wasn't bad enough, Texas Senator Ted Cruz decided to turn up the heat a little with an overnight jaunt to Cancun. The senator who taunted Californians during an unprecedented heat wave that gripped their state last year got a little hot under the collar when he was called out on social media for ditching the frozen Lone Star state for what appeared to be a few days of fun in the sun.

Photos of Cruz began circulating late Wednesday night of Cruz and his wife in the Houston airport, masks on, and wheeling their luggage through the airport. Other photos soon surfaced of him in the airplane and people went bananas on social media. Twitter was on fire with people saying that the photos were old and hadn't been verified but others were furious that he was leaving the state in a state of disaster. Food shortages, rolling blackouts, ad frozen pipes bursting in people's homes seemed to be a million miles away from Cruz and his wife and people weren't having any of it on Twitter.

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