Not only is it against the law in Texas to drink and drive, but apparently, it is also illegal for Texans to have a few drinks and then walk or ride a bike to their next chosen destination. At least that appears to be the slightly skewed consensus of the reporter in this video.

According to free speech advocacy news site, Texas has become a virtual police state, as authorities in Austin, Texas are utilizing electronic signage all across the city that reads “Don’t Drink Then Walk, Bike or Drive” as a means for putting the hammer down on society and slowly working the law biding public into the legal system.

However, the less paranoid message attempting to be conveyed with these signs appears to simply apply to the state’s current public intoxication laws. Yet, the creator of this video appears to believe that Texas authorities are hellbound and determined to enforce these codes as a surging element of Martial Law or a seething bi-product of new world order. We certainly hope he isn't right.

Honestly, we find it hilarious that the situation in Austin has become so dire that the city has been forced to implement these signs in attempt to cut down on the drinking and biking problem. We would just like to say that we too would like the state to relax a little when it comes to biking and hiking drunkards. After all, who are we going to make fun of if they take all of the derelicts off the roads?