drunk driving

Watch Drunk Woman Flawlessly Jump out of Moving Vehicle
This video shows a woman abruptly stopping and jumping out of her vehicle. She perfectly begins walking without incident to her person while the car is seen jumping over the median onto oncoming traffic, hitting two vehicles until it comes to a stop after it crashes into some trees.
El Paso Judge Tells Victims Families What To Wear In Court
Dress codes and guest lists are usually reserved for parties and clubs, but for an upcoming manslaughter trial where the defendant is accused of killing three people while driving drunk, the judge in the case laid down the law to the families involved in the case.
Don't Drive Drunk Because No One Can Fix Dead
Two people were killed in a horrific drunk driving crash on Executive Center and Mesa on December 28, 2011. Seven years ago, a young girl was killed at the intersection of Montana and Hawkins as she sat in her car at a red light. Just a few days ago on Christmas Eve, 3 people were killed when a drun…
Las Cruces Woman Might Go Free After Terrifying DUI
A wrong-way driver crashed into three vehicles, sent 3 people to the hospital, and was charged with aggravated DWI and assault on a police officer, but can’t be taken to court.
27 year old Jasmine Miller said she “wanted to be free”, and “break the speed of sound” when she drove her car at nearly 100…

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