I can't tell if this guy is a good guy or a bad guy?

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A man in Fort Worth is going around, to what I think is probably a fancy neighborhood, and trimming his unsuspecting neighbors bushes.

They're calling him Edward Scissorhands, but from the looks of it, his creations aren't that grandiose.

He's literally just trimming trees.

They kind of made it sound like he's a monster! The man walks around the neighborhood at 3 in the morning and just starts trimming trees! I especially love when they say "he steps back and admires his work" because I think he truly believes he's doing a good public service!


Now, I've never dealt with an HOA, but I'm sure something like this could be a pain to have to explain to your HOA- so yeah, I guess to them, he's a monster.

But not everyone feels that way. Over in the comments, many are saying these people should be thanking him!

Is he really just trimming the excess growth on the trees to give them a balanced appearance, and removing the excess growth from the truck of the tree as is normally done? It certainly appears that way on the video seen on tv. Perhaps those complaining should be thanking him, especially since he doesn’t charge them for the good job he is doing on the night shift.

Despite the neighbors saying that multiple police reports have been filed, it doesn't seem like anyone has come forward to identify the man, and Scissorhands himself is still on the loose.

Weird but it seems he knows what he is doing.

It does seem like he knows what he's doing- despite some of the trees being left almost bare.

What do you make of this? Because I can't seem to tell if he's a bad guy- I'd probably thank the dude!

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