A Texas man caught the biggest surprise of his life on Father's Day.

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Justin Broomhall had Father's Day plans to catch some fish with the family.

Unfortunatly, he caught a alligator snapping turtle instead of fish, but it is a good thing he did.

His video and photo went viral and of course, people called him out saying it is photoshopped.

Sure, we all know there are people who need to see it to believe it. But the people who accused the Broomhall family of faking the photo are dead wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I get how people can assume that the picture would seem as if it were photoshopped.

You better believe the Broomhall family had proof to show that it was not photoshopped and it was a legit surprise catch.

Even CBS19 News interviewed Justin Broomhall which definitely showed his kind fishing compassion.

CBS19's YouTube video above will show you how big of a heart he has when he is fishing.

If you ever plan a fishing trip to Lake Cherokee make sure you're extra careful and keep a look out for an alligator snapping turtle.

Luckily, there have not been any wild catches at Ascarate Lake. If there were an insane catch from fishing, I am sure we would read all about it on the El Paso Fishing Facebook group if it did.

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