It sure is great to see El Paso getting recognition for all it has to offer. El Paso is a beautiful place to either call home or even just to visit on occasion. Some of us have been living in El Paso our whole lives and know it is a great place.

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If you have lived in El Paso all your life then that should tell you 915 has a special place in your heart. There are so many things now that we can appreciate having in El Paso now as it continues to expand more and more.

We appreciated what we had in El Paso before the changes such as gaining a Triple-A baseball team, a soccer team, and more. Something that has always remained magnificent that is highlighted to this day is Scenic Drive.

After all, Khalid sure has helped put El Paso on the map singing about a popular spot for lovebirds, friends, and tourists. Besides Scenic Drive, there are other things that make El Paso superb.

El Paso was considered a must-visit place that should be on someone's bucket list of places in Texas to visit. Matt and Sarah created a list of places in Texas that are bucket list-worthy locations on Infinite Explorers Instagram.

By the way, you should be happy to know that El Paso made the cut on bucket list locations in Texas. But news like this is no big surprise to El Paso natives since we know what the city of El Paso has to offer.

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