A lot of us sometimes enjoy an adrenaline rush that we enjoy experiencing from time to time. If one of your resolutions for 2022 was to go out on more adventures then get your guts and bags ready for this one. There is a place that looks absolutely stunning but has also been known to be quite deadly to some diving daredevils.

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If you're planning on taking a spring or summer road trip to Austin, Texas this year make sure you check out this place. There is a spot in Texas that just looks like it would be somewhere else out of the country.

Located Northwest of Wimberley there is a nice relaxing spot where locals and visitors like to visit in Texas. Jacobs Well is where thrill-seekers and curious cats like to wander.

Jacob's Well is about 40 minutes outside of Austin, Texas, and worth the eight-hour drive. If you do plan on visiting Austin sometime in the future whatever you do though don't try and be Indiana Jones going on an exploration down under.

There have been people deeply curious about what remains deep under Jacob's Well in Wimberley, Texas. Hence, why some have gone exploring but never resurfaced again according to Grunge's YouTube video about the dangerous truth of Jacobs Well.

A Tempting and Dangerous Spot In Texas

There are locals who will go just to hike and then cool off after by taking a dive straight into Jacob's Well. The YouTube video from Austin American-Statesmen YouTube video shares how Jacobs Well is actually 7,000 feet of cave.

Jacob's Well Exploration Project team has been exploring down under for over 20 years now.

If you should ever plan to visit Jacob's Well you can click here on what to know before you go. The only time people can go swimming at Jacob's Well is between May 1 and September 30.

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