Texas legislators are considering some controversial ideas regarding the Texas school system that should spark online dumpster fires of, literally, biblical proportions.

New measures are being considered for Texas public schools regarding religion. These include allowing schools to post the 10 commandments in schools and mandating time to read Bibles, Torahs, Korans, etc.

They are also looking to station chaplains in schools to counsel students. All of these things of course immediately bring up the whole "separation of church and state" deal.

Many feel that conservatives are trying to cram religion down kids throats. Religion is always a touchy subject, especially for politicians so, why the big push for this now?

According to Esquire, the peeps behind this idea ...

... were emboldened by the carefully manufactured conservative majority on the Supreme Court and by its decision in Kennedy v. Bremerton School District in which the Court ruled that a high school football coach had a right to conduct postgame prayer meetings on the 50-yard line because, to deny him that right, would be to infringe on his "religious liberty."

There are sooooo many questions about this one. Not that I'm against it myself but, I see where plenty of others will be. Especially when it comes to the denomination of the Chaplains that could be placed in Texas schools.

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That bill already passed, by the way.

It would be great for a kid with a problem to see someone with a religious background but, who does what? Can a Muslim Chaplain assist a Christian child? Or. vice, versa?

Should the schools have to hire a Chaplain to represent every faith practiced by the current student body?

This is going to be a bumpy ride boy ...

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