Pope Says No To Machismo And Too Many Babies
Pope Francis was in the Philippines last week and said men need to start listening to women more, and stop being so macho. He also said Catholics need to stop being 'like rabbits,' if you know what I mean, and I think you do!
Pope Benedict To Retire At The End Of The Month
The world is waking up to some pretty big news out of Vatican City.  Pope Benedict says he will resign his position.  This is some pretty big news because the last time a sitting Pope stepped down, was in 1415.
The Pope’s Dove of Peace Was Attacked by a Seagull
Just as he finished a sermon on Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI symbolically released two doves into the air as a call for peace. But soon after the birds took flight, an aggressive seagull began dive bombing one of them. Uh oh. We're generally not superstitious, but we sure hope this isn't a si…

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