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There Are Some New Rules of the Road for Texas Motorists
The rules of the road here in Texas are constantly changing. In fact, on Sunday, there were somewhere around 700 bills that most people have never heard of that finally became laws that a lot of people will not be familiar with – that is, until they get a ticket for breaking them.
Texas Is Bizarro: Strange Laws From Across the Land
The majority of Texas laws have been put in place to help protect the public against a lunatic society; however, we recently uncovered a number of laws across the state that make us question who the lunatics really are. Seriously, you might be surprised to find that it is against the law to do the f…
Texas House Votes to Make False Bomb Threats a Felony Offense
Making phony bomb threats across Texas is no laughing matter, and soon making them on college campuses could result in felony charges.
Earlier this week, the House passed a bill asking for the inclusion of public and private colleges to the list of places where creating false alarms is a felony offen…