On August 3, 2019, a man from the Dallas area drove to El Paso and murdered 22 people in the Cielo Vista Walmart. Texas is an open carry state, which means if you have the proper documentation, you can legally openly carry firearms into public spaces. In the aftermath of the Cielo Vista shooting, Walmart took a stand against open carry and banned its customers from openly carrying firearms in their stores nationwide, even in states that have open carry laws.

Walmart isn't the only retail outlet that has banned openly carrying firearms in their stores. There are a number of retail giants that have decided to not allow their customers to openly carry firearms in their stores. The list of stores include:


There are other stores that ban open carry in Texas but they don't have outlets here in town. There are stores in Texas that still allow open carry. They include:

TJ Maxx

There are a number of retail outlets that have not announced their policies on open carry in their stores. If you are not sure which stores allow open carry, just look to see if they have a poster on their front doors that either allow or ban open carry. Their policy will be addressed on the front door of the business.

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