Texas may soon ... finally ... have more than 3 licensed marijuana dispensaries.

Texas hasn't legalized marijuana but the lone star state does have a compassionate use law that allows some people to buy and use "medical" marijuana. The conditions to qualify are pretty limited though.

Texas also currently has only 3 dispensaries which opens up some major business opportunities for those that can get properly licensed.


After a 4 year "block" on new applications, the Texas Department of Public Safety recently activated a new application process. And it's complicated. Cannabis lawyer Michelle Donovan told KVUE that the process involves a 200 page form, $7,000 cash up front and enough money to "sustain the business for 2 years".

These things are very hard to get and Donovan, along with many, many others are pushing the state to ease the requirements. Texas Original in South Austin is one of the 3 currently operating dispensaries. Their CEO, Nico Richardson, pointed out that:

"We see other medical markets across the country who have reduced rates of opiate deaths in medical markets, medical cannabis markets," said Richardson. "You have reduced rates of prescriptions being written for opiates in those markets."  (KVUE)

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Clearly, there are a ton of benefits to medical marijuana and Texas, being the 2nd largest of the 50 states, could surely accommodate a few more dispensaries. Texas, again, has 3 dispensaries while other "medical" marijuana states, (Florida and New York), have 25 - 30 THOUSAND.

Hopefully, Texas sees the medical and financial rewards that more dispensaries would provide. (Going fully recreational wouldn't hurt the state coffers either. Just sayin'.) Not to mention the convenience and comfort they would bring "patients".

If you want to apply, click here but do it sooner than later. DPS is only leaving this portal open 'til April 28th.

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