Texas might be on the brink of a green revolution as voters in Austin strike a win for legal weed! This week, a Travis County judge dismissed a lawsuit from Attorney General Ken Paxton, which challenged Austin's voter-approved referendum to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. This decision, reported by CHRON., is a major win for local rule and has left weed activists across the state buzzing with excitement.

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Back in 2022, Austin voters overwhelmingly passed an ordinance to decriminalize possession of under 4 ounces of marijuana, partly due to the challenge of enforcing a marijuana ban while legal look-alikes, like hemp products, are still on shelves. Ground Game Texas, the advocacy group behind the push, celebrated this victory as it paves the way for similar measures in other Texas cities.

Catina Voellinger, Ground Game Texas’s executive director, said, “Our campaign in Austin was the starting point. We've expanded to five more cities and are only growing stronger.” Now, they’re rallying residents in Dallas to sign a petition to kick off the voter referendum process there.

Despite this win, University of Houston political science professor Brandon Rottinghaus warned that the battle isn’t over. Paxton could appeal the decision, and higher courts might side with him. Still, the dismissal is a hopeful sign for weed advocates, showing that local efforts to decriminalize marijuana have a fighting chance.

So, while the road ahead might be bumpy, the green wave in Texas is gaining momentum. Keep your fingers crossed, Texas, because the future looks bright and a bit more relaxed!

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