An officer with Customs and Border Protection is in some hot water after being found with drugs.

The home of 37-year-old Karina Padilla was searched by special agents with the Texas Department of Public Safety last week and they found a jar of premium Wonderbrett marijuana that was labeled Strawberry Bliss. Who comes up with these names? Do they hang out behind the 7-11 and eat their bags of potato chips while brainstorming names? Just a few questions I have.

Moving on. That wasn't the only thing that was found in the closet of Padilla's home. Agents also found vape pens with cartridges labeled as containing THC and N Fuzed chewable gummies. Those gummies aren't the kind you buy at the 7-11 when you want something sweet, you buy those gummies to get the munchies so you can sit outside the 7-11 and brainstorm cool names for your weed.

Padilla was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, less than two ounces and possession of a controlled substance over four grams, but less than 400 grams for the gummies and was held on a $25,500 bond. CBP said they are investigating the incident and does not tolerate corruption or abuse within their ranks.

I might joke about a CBP officer having drugs at her house, but seriously, you work that hard to get to where Padilla was to throw it away for a little bit of weed and gummies? The story doesn't say why Padilla was under suspicion enough to have a search warrant served on her house.

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