For 16 years Texas drivers who were convicted of certain traffic offenses had to pay an annual surcharge on top of criminal penalties and court fines so they could keep and use their driver's licenses. In addition to the surcharges, service fees and the cost of the ticket meant a lot of drivers got sucked into a whirlpool of debt and also led to people losing their jobs because they couldn't legally drive.

On September 1, however, the Texas Driver Responsibility Program will end. That means all surcharge assessments will be waived and there won't be surcharges assessed after that date. You will still have to pay any other suspensions, fines, or fees on your driving record.

If your Texas license has been expired for less than two years, you might be able to replace it online. If your Texas license has been expired for more than two years, or you have never had a license, you'll need to have certain documents to reinstate it or get one. You'll have to wait until after September 1 to do this if your driving privileges are currently suspended for surcharges.

To make up for all the money that is being lost because the program is ending, every traffic ticket and moving violation in the state will go up by about $20. Texans insurance will also go up about $2 per year. If you need to find out more about what fees will be ending, click here for the Texas Department of Public Safety website.

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