Sometimes taking a stroll down memory lane can be good for the soul. There’s times I bump into an old high school friend and we start talking about the good ole high school days.

Reminiscing on those days when we didn’t have to worry about paying bills is always nice. However, if you really really think about those days you might be reminded of a few things that you definitely DON’T miss about high school!

For instance, for me it was the waking up early part! Which is ironic because now I have to wake up even EARLIER for my day job, but the difference is I get paid for this job.

I asked the people of El Paso what was something they definitely did NOT miss about high school and while some are pretty deep, a few of them had me laughing and nodding in agreement.


What El Pasoans DON’T Miss About High School:

Walking to school everyday!!! Whether is snowing, hot as heck, windy a lot of dirt! N raining we had to run to school cause we would get wet, clothes n long hair???”


“Having my locker on one side of the school and all my classes on the other side. Ugh.”


“The pressure to fit in and be a certain image that is expected from society!”


“Grades and Report Cards.”


“The smart kids.”


“Gym class.”




“TAAS test.”


“All the social drama!”



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