A recent survey from SWNS delved into the highs and lows of getting old and we want to know if Texas residents agree with these old age annoyances. I'm barely 31 so this is a preparedness list for things I should be ready for. Lets check it out!

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According to the survey, a whopping 44% of respondents reported feeling more positive as they age. However, for the 24% who admitted to feeling more negative, the tipping point seems to be around the age of 42.

So, what exactly is grinding people's gears these days? Here's the lowdown on the top annoyances:

  • Grocery Prices: Because who enjoys paying $5 for an avocado? Or $5 for any fruit or vegetable. Get it together, grocery stores.
  • Politicians: It's no surprise that they're a constant source of frustration. Especially when it seems like they don't even listen to us!
  • Someone Else's Driving: Can we all just agree to stick to our lanes? Or maybe just acknowledge the speed limit...or stop drinking and driving...
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  • Crowds: Personal space, anyone? I shouldn't feel your breath on the back of my neck when I'm waiting in the line for the register.
  • Weather: Always a reliable topic for small talk, and complaints.
  • Customer Service: Cue the endless hold music and the robo-menus that never understand what you're trying to say.
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  • Social Media Trends: Can we please stop with the challenges? (but also I may be too young for this one still cause I love watching people fail a good challenge.)
  • "Tipping Culture": The great debate continues. Who should we tip and where? Why does everyone ask for tips now? Should I??
  • Music You Don't Like: Sorry, not a fan of your favorite band. But also, do I need to be? Cant I just like my music and you like yours? Stop pressuring me to like things I don't understand!
  • TV Volume Being Too Loud: I might need to age up for this one, or maybe not...my hearing is so bad I always play the TV loud. I guess that'll just be worse once I hit 42...
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And that's not all! Rounding up the top 20 are gripes about ticket prices, A.I., computer issues, tech billionaires, parking, and movies being too dark. So, if you find yourself nodding along in agreement, you're definitely not alone and you're definitely NOT young anymore. Check out the full list HERE!

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