Every time you take a look at a calendar, it brings to light to a new national something day and today, October 15, just so happens to be National Grouch Day.  I figured it would be a great day to embrace our crankiness and “highlight” some of the many things that we have every right to be cantankerous about.  Ironically enough, doing this makes me kind of, well, happy.

National Grouch Day actually came about as a way to honor everybody’s favorite trashcan living, alphabet and number teaching, “secretly” good morals having, Sesame Street resident, Oscar the Grouch and is a great way to remind ourselves that taking a bit of time to vent and process negative emotions isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Below is a list of just a few of the things that are making El Pasoans irritable right now.  Feel free to make your own additions to this list, or better yet, be annoyed by this entire article.  Either way, we still love you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • COVID numbers are at records highs (over 700 new cases as of 10/15/20)
  • New restrictions are being implemented (or in some cases re-implemented)
  • People not wearing their masks when in public and not adhering to social distancing guidelines which is causing the above to take place
  • People wearing masks in public and practicing social distancing – can’t they see they’re just buying into the media propaganda?
  • While it’s not possible to cancel Halloween, it may as well be seeing that trick or treating will not be allowed this year
  • Most students must still continue online learning from home, which in turn is causing parents to have to re-learn (or learn) math
  • The election (what is wrong with those Republicans)
  • The election (what is wrong with those Democrats)
  • The election (What is wrong with both major parties and is it possible to move to Canada?)
  • Mike and Tricia Mornings - Why do they have to start so early?!
  • Monika - Is it really necessary to be that happy?
  • Alex Chavez - Who is that guy and why is he getting in the way of me listening to the afternoon traffic reports?
  • And the list can go on and on and on

On the bright side, it’s now much easier to get drive through and take-out booze, but those lines are horrible!

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