One of the coolest outdoor features in El Paso is the Wyler Aerial Tramway. The tramway was built in 1959 by KTSM's Karl O. Wyler when a transmitter tower was being built on Ranger Peak. The public was able to ride the tramway from 1960 to 1986, but then the cost of insurance forced it to close down. It reopened to the public when the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department accepted the tramway which Wyler had donated in his will. It has been open to the public since 2001.

The Wyler Aerial Tramway holds a number of events throughout the year, one of which is their Last Sunday Hike. On the last Sunday of each month, you can take a guided hike up Ranger Peak and learn about the geology and wildlife of the Franklin Mountains.

May's hike will be one mile up the Directisimo and Jackaloop trails. At the top of the trail, you can check out the view and then go back down the mountain via the tramway. This isn't an easy hike and the tramway officials say it isn't recommended for first time hikers.

You'll need:
Sturdy shoes
Weather appropriate clothing/sun protection
Snacks (optional)
Hiking sticks (optional)
Tramway ride fee for one way ride down ($4 adults and $2 children)

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