Who puts ketchup on their tamales? Well, that would be me and I’m not ashamed to tell you.

I’ve had a love affair with Heinz Ketchup (specifically) since I can remember and tamales are just one of the food items that I add ketchup to.

I like to unwrap my tamales and get a hot skillet and spray it with a little Pam and then cut up the tamales (preferably the raja's con queso) and wait until the tamales get nice and crispy on the outside. Once done, I squeeze a nice dollop of ketchup on my plate and munch down on them – honestly, this is absolutely the only way I ever eat my tamales as weird as that may sound.

Actually tamales are just but one of the many food items that I add ketchup to – including:

  • Any potatoes – such as fries, roasted, hash browns, baked
  • Scrambled eggs including eggs and chorizo
  • Omelets
  • Pancakes or Waffles
  • Beans and Bean Burritos
  • Mexican style rice
  • Quesadillas
  • Nachos
  • Ramen

I know this list might sound a bit questionable to you, but it’s true – my name is Monika and I Love Ketchup!

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