Artificial intelligence, (AI), is a hot topic these days. Could it soon be teaching in El Paso classrooms? It's already happening in Austin and other parts of Texas.

Schools in the North Texas Grapevine-Colleyville ISD and in the Houston area are either using AI or have been cleared to do so.

Alpha, a private school in Austin no longer has teachers, just "guides" in the classrooms that are using AI.

The "guides" help students who spend the first couple of hours of their day working with app based AI on their core subjects.

For the first two hours of the school day, students of every grade level at Alpha work with the AI app-based tutoring system to learn core subjects. The remaining six hours of the day are used for learning life skills, like public speaking and robotics, through their coaches. Price told KVUE that the system condenses six hours of learning core material to only two hours. -

I'm not sure I'm ok with this. I don't mind courses being taught on how to use AI or on understanding it but letting AI take over doesn't feel right.

You need educators in their, not only teaching but explaining the lessons, putting them into real life contexts and, most of all, making sure the kid gets it.

Opinions on this subject, as you would imagine, are mixed.

Since AI can also be used to cheat at many levels, Houston's Fort Bend ISD teachers have been allowed to use ChatGPT. A chatbot that can tell if students are using AI to cheat.

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