You might be familar with her album CTRL in stores now or heard her as a feature on Maroon 5’s ‘What Lovers Do.’ SZA blames the majority of her sassy attitude on being a Scorpio saying she’d rather give a dude the silent treatment instead of having to actually go through an argument with him.

The song ‘Love Galore’ seems to be about a girl in love and then upset about a guy that get too caught up in their summer fling. SZA explains her vibe as “we was kickin’ it for the summer. It’s not that deep.” Her coy smile is an opportunity to really read between the lines and understand SZA’s playful approach to what some might perceive as having a lot of lyrical depth.

In the middle of explaining her lyrics SZA confirms that she’s dated women. “Why play yourself?”she asks. “You want me and I want you yet you're still not here.”

SZA wraps up the conversation by saying that ‘Love Galore’ is about being played by a dude and “somewhere in the middle of all of the mayhem, you got over him and you flipped the script.”


Watch the video for 'Love Galore' below:

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