Maroon 5 has released a new music video for what I thought was one of the funniest music videos that I’ve seen in a very long time. I didn’t find it funny because of any cheeky humor throughout the music video but because the storyline is genius. The video features the groups leading man Adam Levine behind quite a few Snapchat filters. You’ll find Levine using filters like a giraffe and a panda, his face stretched out and warped into funny unrecognizable Adam faces and as I watched the entire video I believed in the back of my mind that the group would eventually join Adam for a rock out session at the end but nope! Adam carries the entire video behind Snapchat filters which I believe is a nod to the group's album cover for their record Red Pill Blues which also features app filters on its cover art. I love the idea because we see our loved ones behind filters all the time as we are glued to our phones so seeing Adam sing sweet nothings out of a filter makes the song more personable and inclusion makes him seem like he is one of us. Watch the video to WAIT below:

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