I was visiting RIPS EP's Facebook page the other day - they're the guys who ghostbusted our building last month -  and learned The Syfy channel just aired an episode of "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" recent investigation of the  "mysterious" formation of lights that appeared in our skies last October.

If you don't recall the incident, here's a Newschannel 9 report from that night ...

According to the show blog:

Devin knows that illuminated balloons have often been mistaken for UFOs, so the team tries rigging three balloons together and coordinating their split. But it goes all wrong! The movement is erratic and the glow looks nothing like the trails of light in the original video. Next, they configure three flares to ignite and split with the same timing as seen in the video ...

(Finally) they mastermind an experiment in which three skydivers, with flares strapped to their ankles, will perform the dive together, then split and hover at the appointed time.

Ben brings the results - a perfect match - back to the situation room, where everyone is wowed. As further confirmation, he tells the group that, after the experiment, he did some research. Turns out a military skydiving team was in the air on the night of the original video, performing - you guessed it - that very maneuver.

And with that, UFO's over the El Paso skies was dismissed. But I say 'not so fast, there, Skippy.'  There were similar sightings in other cities leading up to and after our mysterious lights. How do you explain that? Were the Golden Knights in those cities as well? Plus video of them performing "that very maneuver" doesn't really look like the lights that were seen that night.

CLICK HERE to go to a blog post of mine from last fall featuring the Golden Knights video and video of the other similar sightings I mentioned above. Like the "X-Files" slogan went, "The truth is out there."

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