A recent flurry of UFO sightings in Nevada and Texas has everybody, believers and non-believers alike, talking.

Many people in Las Vegas claimed to have seen a UFO crash and others reported seeing aliens roaming around.

Vegas police even set up cameras in one location to try and get footage of the "visitors".

On Vegas cop was quoted as saying he was "nervous" and that he "had butterflies" as he investigated one of the calls.

UFO's In Texas?

Similar things have happened in Texas ... here are a few examples ... and a pretty good quality video of what seems to be an alien that was captured near Austin.

The farmer who filmed this was reportedly all alone that night, with only his dog nearby.

Check it out ...

Pretty weird stuff going on here, huh?

An El Paso Whataburger was also recently visited by a UFO.

Can you blame them? Whataburger's are tasty and Mars is too far away to not pack snacks.

Yes, things can be photoshopped or staged.

How though could so many people in different areas pull together the same stories and similar footage/descriptions/etc ... security and body cam footage to boot ... so quickly and convincingly?

UFO sightings have been around forever and are usually debunked or ignored by official entities. Even the military whose own pilots have reported UFO activity.

These days though, the times are changing.

Everyone has a video camera in their pocket and surveillance cameras are pretty much EVERY where so evidence is not only mounting, it's becoming clearer and clearer.

The House Oversight Committee is even holding hearings to look into these sightings, some of the most widespread and widely corroborated in history.

It may be time for Uncle Sam to finally 'fess up.

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