If you listen to Mike and Tricia Mornings you know we love us the ghosteses. If there is a creepy photo from El Paso High School or Concordia Cemetery, we are all over that. We even do ghost hunting of our listener's houses during Halloweek in October. But there is something else we love almost as much as ghosteses. We love us some extraterrestrial stuff. You wanna talk aliens? We're there. You say you have a photo of UFOs in the skies above El Paso? Send it to us because we want to see if we can spot E.T. in the driver's seat.

I was scrolling through social media this weekend when this video from FitFam caught my eye. In El Paso it's not unusual to see convoys of things going through town. We're the home to a huge military installation at Fort Bliss, and add to that Biggs Field, White Sands, and Holloman Air Force Base and that adds up to a lot of governmental vehicles roaming around. But this particular video seems a little weird. Check it out and see what I mean.

First off, what is in the white thingy? It seems to be made out of the tent material they used when they were doing medical tests on E.T. You can also see what appears to be at least a dozen cannisters of oxygen on the back of the trailer that is carrying the big white tent/cube. There are a lot of tubes in the front of the cube that look like the air vent hoses behind a dryer so are they carrying air? What for? There are two unidentified black SUVs with flashing lights like the kind you always see in the movies whenever the government is trying to do something nefarious, not saying this was a nefarious governmental mission but you know, it looks a little, well, odd.

To wrap it all up, there are weird mobile homes following along behind the motorcade. It all seems like they're carrying something live in that cube or else why wouldn't it just be a big plastic or wooden box without all the supplemental oxygen and air hoses? And unidentified SUVs following along. And unidentified mobile homes right after that? This was weird. Cue to the X-Files music.

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