Living on the border, we have all heard talk about the "other side". "Don't go to Juarez because of the violence" many El Pasoians will say. Ever wonder what other El Pasoians and citizens of Juarez have to say about each other?

Well. community foundations from both Juarez and El Paso have formed The Border Perception Index. It's a survey of over 2,400 borderland residents. The survey asked participants how they felt about the other side. People in Juarez were asked about El Paso and vise versa. One fascinating fact. El Pasoans are more likely to cross the border to Juarez. 63% of El Pasoians cross to Juarez within the last two years. While only 25% of people from Juarez crossed into El Paso. This is, in part, due to far fewer Juarez residents having border crossing visas.

The number one reason while Juarenses cross into El Paso is shopping. The number one reason El Pasoians cross into Juarez is to visit friends and family.  The survey also showed that 16.9% of El Pasoians own homes in both Juarez and El Paso. This survey shows that these two cities of almost 3 million are very interconnected.

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