You won't find these stories in any comic book or a sexier Wonder Woman.

You can't just look the part, you must be the part. These four heroes not only strapped on tights but did some good for their citizens. Batman and Captain America usually don't team up since they live in separate comic worlds, but luckily were together at the right time during a house fire.

Batman swooped in and took all the credit for saving a cat from a burning home. These two men, John Buckland (Batman) and Troy Marcum (Captain America) are Heroes for Hire and now hometown heroes. Hopefully this can get them more birthday party gigs!

Superman and Wonder Woman impersonators were attacked by a transient whose weapon of choice was cowboy boots and her fists. Superman, Christopher Dennis, reflected most of the attacks which caused the transient to flee the scene but not before she threatened their lives. Jennifer Wagner aka Wonder Woman didn't attack back and hopes that the transient doesn't go to jail but gets psychiatric help. Hopefully, we will see these storylines in Superman 2.

I think if my college degree doesn't work out, I might just have to work with these people.

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