So a lot of you reading this are probably saying, "what does this girl know about football". First of all, how cliche of you, secondly, I love football! Ever since I was 8 and my stepdad got me hooked on some Dallas Cowboys, triplet years, good old pigskin football! I went ahead and thought of my predictions for Superbowl 2014...

As much as it pains me: Denver Broncos

There is a large crowd on the Denver bandwagon, but I am not a rider. In fact, I actually loathe Peyton (and his brother) but I know talent when I see it and I'm not afraid to admit it. The Von Miller drama is concerning and is going to be a distraction, not to mention that they will be without one of the top defensive players in the league for a long stretch of time. Then there is a lot relying heavily on Peyton Manning. Don’t get me wrong, he’s good, and played well last year but was unimpressive in the playoffs. He’s also far from young but last nights slaughter of the record tying 7 TD's against the Ravens shows he's far from finished in the game and back and ready for action.


Hate to say it again, but: San Francisco 49ers 

This team has proven to be pretty consistent throughout last year, but the loss of Crabtree and the total failure of Jenkins has me torn. Kaepernick barely played this preseason, too. Defensive line has a chance at being better than ever and the coaching is ran well and the NFC is certainly where the strength is this year. Their chances of winning it all are pretty good. (Ugh)


Blah: New England Patriots

If I had to pick an AFC team, or was tortured to, I would pick New England. Tom Brady has been absolutely amazing this preseason, and expect him to only get better. The Patriots do have the tight end issue, and I'm not talking those sexy pants, they have handled the whole Hernandez affair with class and focus. The division will be reasonably easy for them after seeing the schedule. They may just be in the big dance.



Had to throw a bird in the mix: Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll still has to prove that he can actually deliver in the NFL and maybe he will.. The defense is strong, but there are some concerns about the offensive line and the running game not to mention Russell Wilson needs to perform at a high level again. Possible bird to fly into the bowl.


A team I can actually stand but needed a longshot pick: Kansas City Chiefs

I love the hire of Andy Reid, plus his determination to work with Alex Smith is sah-weet! Alex Smith should be very motivated by an incredible running back, and some solid WR's. The defense is solid with the potential to be better than that.They are far from a sure shot but their chances are pretty good if they keep the game up.


For the hell of it, another bird to fly with the flock: Atlanta Falcons

Remember, Atlanta beat the Seahawks in the divisional round last season and came so so close to beating the 49ers on Championship Sunday. Matt Ryan was very impressed with the rookies this year and we saw why in preseason. And then there's Ryan himself and not to mention his offense and all their firepower.These birds have more than a great chance to make the big dance.


As much as I would love to say it with confidence: Dallas Cowboys

Now you can understand all my sarcasm with the other teams. Yes yes, I am a Cowboys fan, since age 8 mind you! I lived through the triplet years and of course that hot Deion Sanders (What was I thinking?). Anyways, as much criticism as I get for it I think we can do it. Now notice I said "can" not "will". And of course my QB always gets blamed when people don't realize a great QB is always behind an excellent O-line.


Tony Romo has altered some niches and will have some new responsibilities. Jerry Jones is geared up and ready to stop playing "Fantasy Football" and get some W's for Dallas. Our offensive MVP this year will for sure be Dez Bryant. I see him throwing up the "X" so much more this season. Our defensive MVP has to be my man Sean Lee. Now he has to stay healthy, but at the same time, he'll be the most dominant defensive player in Dallas this season. DeMarcus Ware is getting older and Spencer is STILL injured but those two factors kind of cancel each other out a little. Got my eyes on DeVonte Holloman as a rookie to shine.


Now on paper,  this is a Superbowl team but it always comes down to the last minutes in nail biting action that us Cowboy fans hate! I just hope this year we FINALLY beat the Giants on Sunday in our own house.

All in all I am so happy football is finally back! Oh the smell of it is in the air!

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