The Super Bowl is this Sunday, who you got? Seahawks or the Patriots? Regardless which team you root for one thing we can all agree on is the halftime show is always a spectacle. This year let's see what Katy Perry brings to the table. Until then, lets relive some of the best Super Bowl halftime shows of all time.


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    Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson

    Let's just get this one out of the way. The famous nip slip that was seen around the world. Regardless one of the best halftime performances in the books!

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    The queen of pop wow-ed the crowd but for some reason she looked stiff in her usual dance moves. Still a great performance.

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    Michael Jackson

    Don't really have to say anything when it's Michael Jackson.

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    She IS Queen B, and she put on an unforgettable halftime show! One of the best yet!

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    The artist formally known or whatever you want to call him, he brought it to the Super Bowl. His singing, song selection and dancing and stage presence, overall amazing. You can see this performance in it's entirety HERE.

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    Bruno Mars

    Last years halftime show was EPIC. Bruno Mars showed us who's the boss of Super Bowl shows. It was amazing!

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