Have you been itching to trim your bushes? Ready to whip out your tools and get down and dirty in your backyard garden? It's springtime and the perfect time to do some landscaping, but one website decided to find out which American city was the best for nekkid gardening. Yup. Suns out buns out weed pulling.

Turns out the Sun City is not one of the places that is gardening in the buff friendly. From the lawnstarter.com (yes, that is a real website) survey:

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Stas Perov

El Paso is ranked overall 74th on the list for unclothed cultivation.
We are not very friendly to people who love to strip down before they plant some seeds. We rank 53rd in in that category.
We are much friendlier to gardeners in general. We rank 82nd in that category.
Even though we want you to cover up when you're hoeing we still rank 97 in popularity.
Our very hot summers probably made us rank 27th in the weather category. Apparently sweating while starkers isn't comfortable.
The safety rank of El Paso is 44, I'm guessing because your bulbs will get sunburned in a hurry.

I'm not sure I would be willing to be au naturel while I was taking care of nature but if you are thinking of stripping before your gardening you should probably invest in some good sunscreen and a bug spray that is private parts friendly (that would be an interesting conversation to have at your favorite Walgreens). Happy gardening!

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