If there is one thing you must know about me it is that I am FRIGHTENED of bugs and moths!! Like, FRIGHTENED!! Why? I’m not sure why, but I just cringe at the thought of an insect crawling up on me while I’m trying to sleep.

I’ve been living in my house in Far East El Paso for a whole year now and in that year I have come to notice that my side of town is notorious for some of the creepiest of insects just rolling up inside of your home uninvited!

Recently it’s been cockroaches that I have found just roaming the halls of my home, but when I first moved into my home the moths were the ones who took over my home.

With the temperature getting warmer, the bugs are coming out to play now more than ever!

I wanted to see if I was alone in this bug infested summer experience so I asked the people of El Paso what creepy insect their neighborhood is known to attract and if you have a bug phobia you are warned: Don’t continue reading.

From the looks of it, ants are taking over pretty much all over town, but far east El Paso (Horizon/Eastlake) it seems like that part of town has some of the most creepiest bugs and now I regret even asking the question because now I won’t be able to sleep tonight!

*Cries in Spanish*


What Insect Is Taking Over Your Neighborhood: 


Right now it’s ants in the Horizon Area.”




"Camel spiders…..google it."


"Black widow spider."


"Tarantulas. Especially when it rains."



"Black widow spider."



"Damm scorpions."



"At my parents house it’s always geicos or some sort of lizard? I don’t know but they are pinkish and you can see their bulgy eyes and veins."


"Last night my dog thought it'd be fun to play with some sort of giant hissing bug with large feelers & brought him inside." 


"Scorpions & Tarantulas"


"Ants, Wasps, Mosquitos, Black Widows, Scorpions, Centipedes."


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