VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT IDEAS FOR THE LADIES DEPENDING ON THE STAGE OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP: Not only do you have to worry about what to get your sweetie on Valentine's Day, you have to think about whether it's appropriate for how long you've been a couple. 

It's a good thing those yentas at Cosmo have your back. Here are their ideas for gifts for different stages of couple-dom ...

 Less than 3 months: Keep it casual. At this point, anything expensive or too personal will send a scary I-like-you-a-little-too-much message.Spend less than $25 on something simple, like a DVD or a book. Or, cook him dinner or bake cookies.

3-6 months: Find something creative that totally fits your man's tastes -- like sports memorabilia or a cool selection of microbrewed beer. You’ll probably shell out slightly more (around $25-$50), but don’t go overboard with a fancy present as you're still in the we're-a-couple-but-are-still-getting-to-know-each other phase.

7-12 months: Things are getting serious now. A fun gift at this stage is something you can do together so you’ll build more shared memories. Think good seats to a concert or sporting event, or a couples' massage.

1-2 years: You can spend a bit more now that you’re pretty serious. $100 or so depending on your budget. If you don't want to go for a straight forward gift, try something that will commemorate your relationship like framing a picture of the two of you, or find something that will remind him of a fun time you had together

More than 3 years: After years of birthdays and holidays together, it gets tougher and tougher to come up ideas. So try the gift of a new experience. If your guy likes to cook, sign him up for cooking classes. Or book a weekend getaway for the two of you to someplace you've always talked of going, like a bed and breakfast or a high end out of town hotel.