Mike and Tricia's Stuff The Bus is right around the corner, but some of our wonderful listeners have already started bringing us stuff!

We kick off our weeklong Stuff The Bus school supply drive next Monday, August 20th, but we love listeners who jump ahead a bit!


Taylor Magnusson and the lovely folks over at the Volunteer Action Center donated 180 3-ring binders to Stuff the Bus.  She and Jamal dropped off the stack of boxes you see behind us this morning.  It is a great start, and their donation will help so many El Paso kids!

You can donate to Stuff the Bus at the Back to School Expo at Cielo Vista Mall during the tax free weekend.  If you donate some school supplies, we'll put your name in the hat for our drawing to win a laptop like this one:


If you would like to help out with Stuff the Bus, but you won't be able to make it to one of our drop-off points, or out to the mall, email me at tricia@ksii.com, or call me at 544-9300.  Get your co-workers, fellow students, or your organization to donate cash or school supplies, and I'll make sure we get them from you! 

Thanks for supporting the Mike and Tricia Stuff the Bus school supply drive!

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