There is nothing like a refrigerator full of your kid's school art masterpieces.  This weekend at the Back to School Expo at Cielo Vista Mall, your child will have the chance to make their first masterpiece of the school year courtesy of Office Depot!

When Darren and I first started living together, he said he couldn't believe how virtually every inch of space on my fridge was taken up by, well, stuff.  There are magnets from places my boys and I have been to, pictures of my nieces and nephews, those little alphabet magnets that anyone with a kid should have, and, of course, pictures and art they made in school!


I mean, who can resist construction paper Christmas trees with little dots of glitter glue, or how about the first time your child traces his hand on brown construction paper and makes a turkey for Thanksgiving?  Nothing like it!  Which was all well and good when my kids were in grade school, but by the time Darren and I got together, Sam, my youngest son, was 14!  But that hasn't stopped me from keeping my favorite art projects of his and Ryan's up on my fridge!

Which is why I thought it would be a blast if, while you're taking advantage of the tax-free weekend shopping and KISS FM's Back to School Expo at Cielo Vista Mall this weekend, your kids can stop by our KISS tent and make some refrigerator art on easels donated by Office Depot!  We'll be there all weekend, so you'll have plenty of time to stop by and take home some great savings from Cielo Vista Mall, and your child's masterpiece thanks to Office Depot!  When you get home, take a picture of your child's art on the fridge and send it to us - we'll post them online for everyone to admire!

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