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Nineteen-year-old filmmaker and UTEP Student Leo Aguirre will host a screening of his short film El Fuego Detrás, which was selected to be showcased in May at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival in France.

The screening is free to the public tonight, but donations will be accepted with all proceeds going toward the new Miner Film Society, which was founded by Aguirre and other collaborators who hope to shoot their first production this summer.

El Fuego Detrás packs a lot of punch into its 16-minute running time. The plot follows a suicidal writer whose life becomes entangled with that of a young immigrant girl when an unexpected crime is committed. The film is set in El Paso and was shot over one weekend in late January.

Aguirre’s short film will screen outside of the actual competition at Cannes, but within a very professional arena where he will be able to meet potential collaborators, distributors and investors. He will also be able to attend workshops and conferences specifically geared toward short filmmakers at Cannes’ Palais des Festivals complex.

  • What: Screening of El Fuego Detrás, film by UTEP student Leo Aguirre selected to be featured at Cannes Film Festival
  • When: 6 p.m., Saturday, April 19th 2014
  • Where: UTEP Union Cinema


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