It was by all accounts the most entertaining moment of Friday night’s Riverside vs. Ysleta high school football game, and it had nothing to do with anyone wearing a jersey.

A streaker, wearing a mask and very little else, interrupted the Indians’ homecoming game at the beginning of the 4th quarter, darting onto the field amid cheers and laughter before running off out of the corner of the end zone as game officials gave chase.

Considering the 7 to 9 score and how little offense both teams were providing at the time, many in attendance welcomed the animated intrusion -- including KVIA reporter Denise Olivas, who captured the moment on her phone and uploaded the clip to Facebook. "At that the point it was the only excitement!" she wrote.

The semi-streaker and an accomplice were eventually caught and arrested.

His mad dash must have inspired the Indians, though, because Ysleta went on to win the "Battle of the Texas 20" by a score of 24 to 9.

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