First it was the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 then the shortage of ketchup of 2021 now it looks like it's coming for hot sauce! Specifically my favorite hot sauce: Valentina!

If you haven't had Valentina hot sauce it's like Tapatio, but probably a little more thicker. Valentina goes great with anything that you may like hot sauce on; corn, chips, really anything. While I probably have enough stockpiled to last me 'til September, some people in El Paso have been finding the stuff hard to find!


Initially I read this and was a little worried; was my favorite hot sauce on the brink of being gone forever?!

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Luckily, fellow El Pasoan's came through and had answers as to where you could still find a bottle (and apparently it's also affecting Tapatio!)


While people commented that it wasn't that big of a deal, there were others that offered a possible explanation:


Was it possible that the entire company that makes Valentina didn't have enough employees? I did some researching but nothing really came up. Looking through Valentina's social medias, there wasn't really any announcement. However, people were asking questions as more and more places ran out of stock. Valentina did answert this one comment:


So maybe it is trouble with the distribution companies in the US. There really is no clear answer. You may be able to find the hot sauce at a local store, or you may not. It's really a game of chance. And if you're really in need, Amazon sells a FOUR LITER bottle of Valentina- which would last a month in my house.

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