A week after his mother, Lorna Colbert passed away, Stephen Colbert returned to his show to share stories from the wonderful life his mother lived. One of the sweetest things I have ever seen.

Lorna Colbert passed away on June 12th. She was an amazing woman, taking care of 11 kids and remained strong after her husband and three of her children died in a plane crash back in 1974.

I love Stephen Colbert and The Colbert Show. He has a way of making all of The Colbert Nation feel like we are part of his huge family. Tons of thoughts and prayers continued to be sent to Colbert to ease the pain of losing a loved one.

He returned this week by opening the show with a beautiful tribute to the wonderful life his mother lived. From getting picked on by her brothers during her childhood, to the final days of her life, Colbert explains the reason why we love him so much is because of his mother.

My heart goes out to Colbert as I continue to cry. This is extremely touching!

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