If you have kids you know that getting them to sit still and not wail their heads off when they get a vaccine is next to impossible. To be honest, that sentence also describes me. I can't stand shots or getting blood drawn so when confronted with a needle I usually act like a toddler and the poor person giving me the shot has to deal with me being a big baby.

I ran across this video the other day that made me laugh and cry at the same time because it is such a sweet reaction to a loved one getting a shot. In this case, it's a sweet little pupper getting what appears to be a vaccination and his best friend, a little boy in the back seat, who just can't hold back the tears when he hears his friend whimper when the shot goes in.

The little puppy seems to know as soon as the person giving it the shot pulls up its skin but I gotta tell you, I had to turn away when the shot was administered. When I heard the little boy crying though, man, I lost it.

The little boy cried longer than the puppy but he is so sweet when his mom hands him the pupper. You can see he really needs to see that everything is ok after such a traumatic experience. I think both the puppy and the kiddo deserved a swing by McDonald's for some ice cream and french fries.

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