No, they aren't going into space but they are joining in on the festivities.

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Sir Richard Branson is patiently waiting at Spaceport America to take off into space Sunday morning, around 7 am. This iconic event will be streamed live on Virgin Galactic's website, so of course, they are making it a big event.

That is where Stephen Colbert and Khalid come in.

First, I heard the news of Khalid partnering up with Sir Branson to premiere a new song at the event. He tweeted out the good news on Friday:

Saturday morning, while watching KVIA, they reported the good news of Stephen Colbert joining in on the festivities by announcing he will be the announcer for the live event.

Montclair Film Presents: An Evening With Stephen Colbert + Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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According to the tweet thread, this could either have started at a joke and landed Colbert a gig, or they planned this announcement all along.

Either way, I am beyond excited that two of my favorite people will be basically in El Paso's backyard to celebrate rich people going into space!

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